The importance of cleansing your skin

Although makeup will mask problem skin we must not forget that the best way to look beautiful is to take care of our skin and get it look healthy and glowing.
 It makes such a difference to your makeup!

Skin is the first barrier to protect you from the elements.
It needs your support and care to do this important job. Of course illness, stress, not drinking enough fluids can take their toll, too. Yet looking after your skin can make those signs go away quicker.

I am currently working for a cosmetics company that also produces skincare. Before I started working with them I have to admit I wasn’t using a cleanser, a toner or a moisturiser… let alone serums and masks… I thought it was a waste of time…

I was asked by my colleges to try the whole routine for a few days and I realised what a difference it makes!

Try for yourself.

First of all you will need to answer a few questions:

-Do you have shine on your face? – If the answer is “yes, all over” your skin is OILY

-Does your skin get tight? – if “yes, all over” then it’s DRY

If the answer to those questions is a yes on certain parts of your face then you have COMBINATION skin.

If the answer is “no” to both questions then it is NORMAL

Now according to your answer find the right products for your skin type
When unsure of what to use ask an expert in the shop.

The routine starts with a CLEANSER. You can choose between cleansing milk to wipe off with tissue or oil, gel, foam… that you need to wash off with water.

After that always use a TONER to make sure all the remaining dirt is wiped away and to rebalance your skin.

When that is done it is time to put your MOISTURISER on. For best results use massaging motion. For the day use a protecting cream and for the night nourish it with a richer one.

You can use a face scrub twice a week – don’t use too often as that could lead to sensitivity. Always use a scrub on clean skin.

A skincare routine doesn’t have to take long, it can be done in a couple of minutes.
You will love the new you!

Go on, I know you are tempted!

As seen on Lady M Presents